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Factors in play in 2020

This new decade has already had a bumpy start. Coupled with the uncertainty that dragged through most of 2019, we could be looking at a volatile market in 2020. Whether

Forex Trading: The Pitfalls

Unscrupulous brokers, market introducers and forex platforms will often market their products to potential traders as a quick way to make a great deal of money. For those looking at

Gold soars to $1600

Intensifying fears over the novel virus have pushed gold to new highs, with gold reaching $1,600 and gold futures reaching $1,583. Statistics released on Sunday showed the number of cases

What is a Candlestick chart and how can you use it?

As you become more and more experienced with using Forex you are likely to begin seeing patterns within trades that are good indicators of whether to buy or sell. These

What is scalping and what are the pros and cons?

If you are new to Forex trading you will probably have come across the term ‘scalping’. Depending on who you’re talking to, opinions on scalping tend to vary widely. It

Recession and Forex

Forex traders and investors in general will be wondering about the direction of the UK economy. Recent data on the economic situation paints a slightly gloomy picture: The world’s 6th

Trading in Cryptocurrencies

There can be few forex traders who haven’t read or heard about cryptocurrencies. There are many who are active traders, some who are dabbling, and some who are now to

Ponzi Schemes and Forex: How not to Get Caught Out

The world of forex trading isn’t immune to those running ‘get rich quick’ schemes. Some of these types of scheme are known as Ponzi schemes after Charles Ponzi, an Italian-American

What Is Position Trading And Will It Work For Me?

Position trading is one of the four major forex trading styles and the most long rage approach of those four. In this article we’ll look at what position trading is,

UK Economy Craving Quantitative Fix

According to the Bank of England, the UK economy will need a financial boost this coming year. It seems having the second highest employment figure since records began, 76.1% in