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What is a stop loss, and why you need it

Financial markets can change in an instant, and Forex is no different. Huge gains can be made, but equally so, massive losses, which can prove devastating. Stop loss is one

Trading‐The Power and Importance of Doing Nothing

Most people understand the concept that work brings financial rewards. This is no different for professional traders; day traders and high-volume traders know that hard work pays off, and multi-million

Forex Trading: The Pitfalls

Unscrupulous brokers, market introducers and forex platforms will often market their products to potential traders as a quick way to make a great deal of money. For those looking at

Active Vs Passive Trading In Forex

If you want to trade forex, part of you may be stoked at the prospect of entering into the dynamic world of active trading. Buying and selling currency pairs quick

How to fit Forex into your busy schedule

It’s not uncommon for those new to Forex to be juggling multiple commitments at the same time. Whether it’s a full-time job, family commitments or one of the other million

Forex Trading – Day 1

So you’ve decided to take the plunge into Forex trading. You may be sitting in front of the computer wondering what on earth should you be doing on your first

Fiat Money and Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange trading involves profiting from fluctuations in the exchange rates between the currencies of different countries; but what causes the currencies to fluctuate against one another, and what gives

What Is Swing Trading and Would It Work For My Forex Trading Style?

A longer-term approach to forex trading is known as swing trading and it makes a popular choice with part time retail investors as you don’t have to stare at a

What Is Day Trading And What Kind Of Forex Trader Does It Suit?

One of the most popular forex trading approaches with is day trading. Whilst this is a very common approach, it won’t suit every trading style and it’s important that you

What Is Scalping And Should I Trade Forex That way?

Did you know there’s more than one way to trade forex? In fact, there are four main types to choose from and the route you take will depend on your