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The Best Currency Pairs to Trade In 2020

Choosing which pairs to trade is the starting point for any forex trading operation and the choices you make in 2020 will very much depend on what kind of trader

What Are The 5 Most Common Forex Trading Technical Indicators?

Successful forex traders use technical indicators to identify key price levels that will determine when they enter and exit trades. There are literally hundreds of these indicators available, but to

UK Heading for Jan 31 Brexit after a Decisive Vote

After years of unclear, muddied politics regarding Brexit, the recent UK election seems to have brought some clarity to the debate. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s majority has given him the

Argentina Misses Payment on $9bn of Debt

Argentina’s financial woes seem to be worsening after they missed a debt repayment for the second time in five months. A total of $347m was due this week but has

US Businesses Head to Europe

US offshore fundraising, coined the reverse Yankee due to it being the opposite of foreign companies raising finance in the US, has become quite common recently. Companies such as Harley

2020: The Demise of the Dollar

Morgan Stanley predicts the dollar index (DXY) will fall from 97, its current price, to 81 by the end of 2020 — a 16.49% fall. DXY Index Less Demand for

Forex and Money Laundering

The beauty of being able to trade forex online is the convenience and speed of setting up an account, funding it and starting to trade. However, before you set up

The Truth About Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are shares in small companies that trade below £1 in the UK and $5 in the US. These companies are often new start-ups looking for funding for growth,

The Emotional Aspect of Online Trading

The proliferation of online trading software has brought the world of market trading to the homes of ordinary people, and this has meant that those with a flair for trading

Forex Trading in the Middle East

The Middle East stands as one of the major growth regions for forex trading. This region has always lagged behind, but the 2008 credit crunch caused investors to evaluate their