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What is a stop loss, and why you need it

Financial markets can change in an instant, and Forex is no different. Huge gains can be made, but equally so, massive losses, which can prove devastating. Stop loss is one

Coronavirus and Forex

One unexpected factor affecting the currency markets this year so far is the sudden outbreak of coronavirus. The initial outbreak in the Wuhan province of China was enough to send

Burundi’s Central Bank Bans Foreign Exchange Bureaus

Burundi´s central bank has terminated the licenses of all foreign exchange bureaus within the country. The bank claims this was to bring an end to those who were flouting the

1.2 Trillion Yuan to Fight Market Panic

The yuan has been under increasing pressure ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus. On Monday the selling pressure of the currency was exacerbated by a prolonged holiday. Investors seem

Travel Companies Suffer from the Coronavirus

The outbreak of the coronavirus has hit travel companies hard. The pneumonia-inducing virus is the latest in a series of viruses sharing a family with SARS and MERS. The latest

The Thirsty Fed

The Fed is swelling once again, at a rate not seen since the QEs of the early 2010s. Simultaneously, stocks and other assets are climbing at a fast rate, and

A Bumpy Start for Brexit Britain

On Friday the 31st January, the UK will exit the EU. It will be a significant day. It will bring an end to almost four years of bitterness, and it

Tesla Becomes the Most Valuable Automaker in US History

After plummeting to a 52-week low last June, Tesla has risen 160%, reaching a market valuation of $86.5bn. This makes it the most valuable automaker in US history. The record,

Rhodium, World’s Most Precious Metal, Now 5x More Valuable than Gold

Rhodium, an extremely rare, silver metal has continued its multi-year growth, increasing 32% this month alone. The precious metal, which is most commonly used in catalytic converters for vehicles, has

7 Tools to Use For Forex Trading In 2020

If you Google forex tools, you’ll return tens of thousands of search results. There are so many out there and so many that do the same or similar things. So,